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Masks are Welcomed


Our doctors and team have to be within 6 feet of you for some important measurements. You are more than welcome to wear a mask if this is concerning to you. Rest assured we always have and continue to have disinfecting processes in place to keep everybody healthy.

(*Please note that some of our clinics are attached to hospitals and still must require masks*)


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Complete Your Medical History 

Bring this completed form and your insurance cards (both medical and vision). You can even go the extra mile to update your online portal if you're a returning patient!

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Complete a Contact Lens Acknowledgemet

[This is required if you wear or plan to wear contact lenses.]

Did you know contact lenses are considered medical devices, and there are some risks with wearing them? We only want you to be successful and healthy, so this form provides you with that information.

Contact Lens Acknowledgement

Choose Optomap Retinal Imaging Annually

[Offered only at Aberdeen, Sioux Falls 37th St., Yankton, Mobridge, Huron, Brookings, Vermillion, & Tea]

Optomap imaging allows your doctor to spot signs of hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other life and sight threatening conditions of which you may not even be aware.  


View the HIPAA Policy and Sign 

[Only required if you're a new-to-us patient.]

Please review the HIPAA Policy below. We just need the signed HIPAA Acknowledgement page!

View our HIPAA Policy

HIPAA Acknowledgement