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Lens Options

Varilux X Series Progressive Lens with Crizal Sapphire

For those that need multifocal glasses, the result of years of innovation at Essilor has produced the most highly advanced progressive lens:

  • XTEND Technology to reduce the need for head movement while reading
  • Nanoptix which helps eliminate off-balance feeling
  • Synchroneyes Technology for smoother transitions from distance to near
  • W.A.V.E Technology 2 for sharper vision in low light
  • Customized near vision for a larger reading area
  • Multi-Angular No-Glare Technology for reduced reflections from any angle of light while on computer and driving at night

Varilux Eyezen™+ Digital Lenses with Crizal Prevencia

For those that want to protect their eyes against Digital Eye Strain and Harmful Blue Light:

  • W.A.V.E Technology for sharper digital vision at all distances
  • Harmful Blue Light Filters embedded into the lens to filter out blue light without making the lens tint
  • Four levels of Accommodative Relief available for fatigue relief customized to your age and prescription
  • Selective Blue Light No-Glare treatment additionally filters out blue light as well as provides exceptional no-glare vision on the computer and while night driving

Varilux Transitions Signature or XTRactive

For those that want a convenient 2-in-1 lens that provides the comfort of tint outdoors and the clarity of a clear lens indoors:

  • Chromea7 Technology is an advanced formulation that allows responsive darkening in sunlight across all temperatures
  • Style Colors lets you choose from iconic brown or gray or lets you venture into new trendier Emerald, Sapphire, or Amethyst colors
  • Style Mirrors is the newest transitioning mirror finish, available in many colors to suit your personality

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